How To clean Shades, Blinds & Draperies 

Fabric blinds, shades, and draperies come in hundreds of fabric options and designs, which is why creating your own custom window treatments with Nili is so much pleasure.

Some fabrics take little attention, however others, such as embroidered or brocade patterns with layers and linings, may necessitate a little more thought or even professional cleaning. The style of the treatment and the fabric composition are taken into account while cleaning and looking for your window treatments.

You might be able to find an excellent Housekeeping Service that specialized in this for a fair fee but doing it yourself can sometimes be more satisfying.



An important factor to any fabulous window is consistent upkeep, ensuring that dust and grime do not gain the upper hand and that your fabric shades, curtains, and drapes remain vibrant and new.

To begin, here are some general fabric window decoration guidelines:

  • Open the shade and lay it down on a clean, level surface after removing it from its window.
  • Gently vacuum first on one side and then the other, following the pleat.
  • Use an aerosol spray foam upholstery or fabric cleansers to remove fingerprints or filthy spots.
  • Spray the foam cleaner on the stain and then wipe it out with a clean, wet sponge (gently back and forth, parallel to the pleats) until the stains are removed. The fabric should not be crushed or wrinkled.
  • Remove excess water with a dry cloth before rehanging the shade.
  • The pleated fabric’s fullness and body may be lost if it is cleaned too frequently.
  • Dry cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning are not recommended.

Drapery, Blinds & etc.

Experts can’t agree on how to keep drapes in good condition. Some companies encourage dry cleaning, while others, including Nili Interiors , don’t. When dry cleaned, the unique and beautiful materials that make up many custom curtain treatments shrink.

Vacuuming regularly and carefully is generally enough to keep draperies in good shape.

  • Dust and dirt accumulate in the pleats and gathers of drapery, so pay special care to the top of the drapery, both front and back.
  • If curtain fabric is washable, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or wash in cool water with Woolite on a soft cycle and hang to dry, iron while still damp. If the draperies is lined, make sure that both the face fabric and the lining are machine washable.
  • Take the curtains outside and shake them for a good dusting if they aren’t too difficult to remove.

Ultrasonic or injection/extraction cleaning with a reputable, professional blind and drapery cleaner is an alternative when dusting and spot cleaning aren’t enough and deeper cleaning is wanted. Professional cleaners clean window coverings using a few procedures and have a wide range of capabilities. (Recommendations from friends, as well as internet reviews, are good places to start) Know the fabric quality of your window coverings and how it will react to washing before putting them to any cleaner.

If you’re shopping for new window treatments, keep in mind that washing and cleaning are important factors to consider, especially if you have children or pets, or if you have allergies who need a dust-free atmosphere. Your Nili interiors Style Consultant can assist you in choosing fabrics and styles that will meet everyone’s demands while also being attractive and easy to maintain.

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