How to Measure the Size of Your New Blinds

It’s not difficult to measure for your new blinds. It’s a simple and quick method to save lots of money; you’ll wish you’d done it sooner! Simply follow the simple, step-by-step instructions below.


Standard Windows

Face Fitting

An Architrave’s Measurement
If you wish to install the blind to your window’s architrave, you’ll need to obtain this measurement. In this instance, we will manufacture the blind to the right size you specify, with no adjustments.



Measure the width from the outer edge of the architrave to the opposite edge.

From the top of the architrave to the point where you want the blind to end, measure the distance.

Measuring for Square Set

If you want your blind to fit outside the window recess, overlapping on all sides, you’ll need to take this measurement. To guarantee sufficient covering, measure the size of the recess and add a little more on all sides.

Measure the right side of the place where the blind will be covering. We recommend that the blind overhang the window recess by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm on each side reduce light leaking.


The amount of overlap at the bottom of the blind is a personal preference, but leave 10-20mm of tolerance if you’re measuring for a blind that will reach the floor.